Your humble narrator speaks

Hi, this is Mark.

I’m sitting at the Metro after a show at Wolf Trap, trying out the Wavelength app.

Yeah, I had a good time at the show with Ray LaMontagne and his trio, playing a bunch of his well-known tracks as well as a couple of new ones, definite crowd-pleasers.

Tom Berlin played a short but nice opening set, and that was actually the end of the summer season at Wolf Trap.

It was perhaps not the greatest night for it weather-wise, but that’s why you get a seat undercover and not out on the lawn, pro tip.

So anyway, I’m waiting on the train back home and giving this a try, and maybe I will do more with this in the future, we’ll see.

But for now, this is officially the end of my weekend.

Back to work tomorrow, and that’s about it.

So, thanks for listening.

Mark Cornick @mcornick